mini VW Golf Extreme Makeover 1

Mini VW Golf Extreme Makeover!

Car modifications come just in any size and shape, they can either be your normal usual ones such as engine swap or a color change but they can also be something more extreme, something that is …

Top 5 Expensive Cars Depreciating Lost Value 1

Top 5 Expensive Cars That LOST Their Value!

Have you noticed that some of our favorite car models lost value over time although they were considered as one of the most expensive cars in the past? Check out this interesting list.

It is often said …

Golf Mk1 With A Matching VW Golf Trailer 1

Dream Golf Mk1 With A Matching VW Golf Trailer!

Check out this amazing dream Golf Mk1 With a matching VW Golf Trailer in same color and stripes!

This great project could be a great idea for you.  This happens when you just can not give up …

Typical VW Beetle different modified 1

Typical VW Beetle – Yet So Different!

Have you seen a scarier looking Beetle than this one?

Car modifications come in every size and shape. Some even completely change the car`s look that you even can`t recognize it whereas some modify what is on …