Dream Golf Mk1 With A Matching VW Golf Trailer!

Check out this amazing dream Golf Mk1 With a matching VW Golf Trailer in same color and stripes!

Golf Mk1 With A Matching VW Golf Trailer 2

This great project could be a great idea for you.  This happens when you just can not give up that one old model that you love some much. Actually, this guy is so in love with the VW Golf MK1 model that he also build a special trailler out of the same model and attached it to his dream car. Or maybe this could happen when you drive lorries but the old Volkswagen cars are life.

According to the licence plates this guy lives in Split, Croatia, so if you want to see this ride, maybe you will have a chance if you go there this summer on a vacation. We have heard that trailers like that are now very hard to make and it is actually more expensive to buy a trailer then to build one like this.

This guy actually build his trailer out of an accident damaged Mk1 Golf, so he did not ruined another example of this legendary model.

I’m pretty sure you all know these kind of trailers are already very popular with certain motorcycle and car model in the US. I remembered seeing one classic Ford Mustang with the similar setup like this Golf Mk1 with attached trailer at the local dealership near me…

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