STREET TEST: This Old Chevelle Has 1800 Horsepower Under The Hood!

When Tom Nelson from NRE wanted to show off his old Chevelle, he did so in the most common way possible – just taking it out for a drive. However, he has a few surprises – first, the car pumps out an astounding 1800HP, which is aided by its two speed powerglide with a gear bender`s overdrive, all aluminum 509 twin 72mm turbochargers and dual injectors per cylinder as well as all of the other gear that`s packed in it. This car has so much torque that the camera actually can`t record the guy`s voice, instead being muffled by the ear-busting engine sound.

This old Chevelle is incredibly easy to operate with its two speed gearbox, but you have to be careful with all the extra equipment in it because it tends to get fast really quick. Fortunately, it`s now registered, but we can also see the entire building process, all the way since 2010. It`s obvious they put a lot of effort and also their best ideas into this car as it looks very out of the ordinary. I mean, how often do you get to see an old Chevelle, completely refurbished just taking off down the road? Not every day, that`s for sure!

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