The First Ever Quad Turbo LSX 454 Build! This Engine Sounds Insane!

This is such an awesome build, we were also waiting for a bit of rev to experience some spooling and a couple of blow/gate off valve flutters. As you`ll see in the video blow, in this Quad Turbo LSX 454, the turbos are hardly flowing air individually. In one of the turbos we can see a close-up at idle, and there is such a small restriction, yet they are such big inlets, that it is hardly enough puff to spin the shaft. A bit of work needs to be done to make the turbos move. However, we are very interested in how this guy made the exhaust distribution.

We would also like to know how he managed to get equal exhaust sound volume to all four turbines. As for the turbos, we think that he needs to make it as a twin scroll in order to make this engine flow correctly. It seems like the engine has around 12 degrees of underspeed/overspeed spark correction in it. This is very good when you want that extra chop. This build may have some flaws, however, we appreciate all of the work invested into it. With some tweaks and modifications we may even see this engine run one day. Enjoy the ambitious Turbo LSX 454 build in the video below!

So, if you want to see how to build an engine by following some easy steps, check out this link!