Small Chevy V8 Engine Has Its First Start! I Would Pay To See This Awesome Build In A Kart!

No matter how many times we see small handmade engines, we are always impressed. Such is the case with this small Chevy V8 engine that goes by the name “Junior“. In the following video, “Junior“ is having his first start EVER! This ¼ scale replica of a Chevy V8 engine comes all the way from South Africa, where it was crafted by someone named Phillip. The small Chevy V8 engine is a product of over 5 years of hard work, or to be more precise, from January 2009 to March 2014.

Even though it took a lot of time to be made, it was well worth it! “Junior“ is an impressive work of art and it has remarkable potential. It is 15.25 cubic inches in size, and weighs 37 pounds! The stroke of the engine is based on a Chevy 308 engine, along with the bore and the length of the connecting rod.

What makes this small Chevy V8 engine even more impressive is the fact that all the parts used for its production were manually machined. “Junior“ has a scaled down starter motor, as well as a scaled down flywheel and clutch assembly. It also boasts a maximum RPM of 6000. The ignition is electronic and gets triggered optically. To put it simply, this is one amazing engine! The “Junior“ video doesn`t only show it roaring loudly, but it also shows the assembly process as well.

Even though it`s small, this Chevy V8 engine replica has over 1000 parts in it! The “Junior“ maker shows us how to properly put it together. He starts by fitting the distributor drive gears and putting the hall crank angle sensor. As for the rest of the process, we will leave it to you to watch the video and see how it`s done. Enjoy the show!

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