There is a great pleasure in watching Drag Racing Events! You can see almost everything there and almost everything is allowed: trucks, bikes, sometimes even snowmobiles appear in such events! However, that is what you can expect at the NHRA – where the WIDEST variety of automobiles is competing and battling each other in the COMPETITION ELIMINATOR CLASS!!! Here, everything is allowed. Well, except NOS – NOS is out of the question!!! But Big Block Chevy? That’s definitely in!

Anyway, this video presents a MASSIVE POWERFUL engine that is about to compete in a Comp Eliminator! We are talking about a BIG BLOCK CHEVY with 510 cubic inches!!! This MONSTER was built by the AMAZING guys down at WESTECH PERFORMANCE and we must say they did a GREAT JOB!!! Anyway, we already said that this BEAST will perform in NHRA`s Competition Elimination and with an engine like this under the hood, we expect great results!!! It was DYNOed and the results are AMAZING, which is not a big shock, whatsoever! But, the numbers are definitely worth mentioning – 9.600 RPM on the DYNO as this engine literally SCREAMS on the DYNO!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the favorite COMP ELIMINATION participant!!!

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