Have you ever seen factories racing? Yes, factories are racing for profit, but these two factories are literally DRAG RACING! They are presenting a spectacular event, a magnificent show! We have to show you two massive trucks, creating giant waves of FIRE and SMOKE. That is why we named them smoke and fire factories! These monsters create, no more, no less, but 60 000 HP SHOCKWAVE. Unbelievable! Also, this is the first jet drag racing taking place in the state of Michigan.

You better protect your ears folks, because this video is insanely LOUD causing the adrenalin run through your veins, and make you wish you were there! This jet drag racing is like watching two horizontal space rockets ready to launch. Rockets that finish the race in 6 seconds reaching 137 mph. The loser truck had a strong start, but not enough power to handle the opponent. If you want to see the stats of the winner, you will have to watch the video till the end. We promise, you won`t regret it! And the flames in the air, at the end, are the strawberry on top of the cake!

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