LOUDEST BLOWER WHINE EVER! Listen To This 1957 Chevy Pro Mod!

We guarantee for sure that this is definitely the LOUDEST BLOWER we have heard in our lives!!! We are going to take you to Southwest Missouri at the Ozark Raceway Park! If you wonder what we are doing there, the answer is simple – Showing you the World`s Loudest Blower whine! You have the pleasure to see the 1957 Chevy especially designed for racing! It is powered with SBC system and has the incredible 383ci!

The proud owner of this Pro Mod vehicle is Jason Lansdown who seems to be unstoppable at this 1/8 mile drag contest! As him and his car mark the beats, another thing bothers the crowd and other competitors! What the hell is that noise?! The blower this machine has is whining loudly and it sounds like a JET is taking off!!! We do not think you would say that`s the sound of a car`s blower if your eyes were closed! The guys from Urban HillBilly Videos asked Mr. Lansdown why the blower whine was so loud. But he just responded with a smile. Who knows? That might mean two things: It`s either broken or it is the secret to his success!

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