70 Cuda Runs 3.83 at 190 MPH on 1/8 Mile! Go Mopar!

Once upon a time there was a beast in the mountains of Puerto Rico who was breathing fire and flying fast like a thunder. If this was a little children`s story, this is one of the possible ways this story could have been told. But as you know it well, this is not it, not a fantasy thing for small children, but a very `real toy` for grownups, a real monster race car from Puerto Rico. One of the meanest pro nitrous cars you have ever seen, 70 Cuda that is fast as hell and as you are about to see in the video below that we have chosen for this article, it can run 3.83 at 190 mph on 1/8 Mile pass. Now that is something really fast!

Every now and then, we come across some example that is both great looking and incredibly fast, but for whom unfortunately we do not have enough info to give you. For this particular 1970 Cuda, most of the things about it are in Spanish, and there is very little info about this great monster on the internet. But because it is one of the coolest looking Pro Mod cars that we have ever seen, we have decided to make an article about it and show it to you anyway, and I hope you will appreciate it and like it too.

After all, we do not get to see many of this kind of Mopar beasts that often, and this highly modified 1970 `Cuda Pro Mod race car, is something that deserves to be seen. So check out the video and enjoy it, and if you want to see more about other pro mod motors and race cars, go to this link.