1970 426 Hemi CUDA vs 1967 Hemi CORONET R/T Drag Race!

Here is a drag race that would be a real holiday for every Mopar fan out there, and of course, every true old school American muscle aficionado, as we have two classic muscle cars on the drag strip, facing each other on the quarter-mile distance. Not just that it is a drag challenge that will take us back in time, but is also a very rare opportunity to watch something like this nowadays, as we have this very rare example of the golden era of the American muscle cars production. On the one side of the lane, there is a 1970 426 Coronet Plymouth Barracuda, and on the other side, there is a 1967 Hemi Coronet by Dodge!

It is also powered by Chrysler’s dual quad 426 Hemi monster under the hood. I think that most of you are aware about how rare opportunity is to see these two cars on the strip at the same time, taking into an account that there are only 652 built Hemi Cudas and only 772 Hemi Coronets that were ever produced. So I think that you grasp the magnitude of the originality that this drag challenge has.

The 1967 Hemi Coronet R/T`s can give an output to a 426 HP, and the gorgeous 1970 Cuda, with the same motor under the hood, has a total output of 425 HP. So the power balance is pretty much right, and the battle can begin. Check it out and enjoy it!