Mopar Makes an Amazing Motorcycle Wheelie at a Drag Strip!

Now this is something that you do not see on everyday drag strip race! This crazy drag strip racer is making an incredible Motorcycle Wheelie with his naturally aspirated Dodge Demon and doing 600` on the back bumper, leaving everybody that are watching him literally speechless. I know he left me with an open mouth!

Drag strips are there for achieving great results and doing things you can not perform on a regular road but this Mopar stunt at the World Wheelstanding Motorcycle Wheelie Championships at Byron Dragway is really something special.

Why? Well how often can you see muscle car doing wheelstand on the back bumper like if it was a motorcycle? Not often I bet. I don`t know what is hiding under the hood of this Dodge Demon, but whatever it is, it takes more than just tuned up engine to do this. Guy must have been practicing this stunt for quite a while, to be bale to do it in a perfect manner as he did it.

Plus, he also made an impressive result on a quarter mile distance. If there ever was a visual way to define what a beast is, than this is the perfect example.

Check out the video!

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Enjoy the video below!

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