1969 Camaro X275 With A Big Wheelstand! Lean Mean “Imports”

Check out this CRAZY 1969 Camaro X275 doing one hell of a wheel stand!

Don`t you just love it when we get that little extra on a drag race?! We are talking about a BURNOUT, a WHEELIE and so on! This case here is just like that! The Dallas Raceway gave its audience something extra to see! We have this 1969 Camaro driven by John Mathis who made an INCREDIBLE Wheelstand rarely to be seen on any event so far! Notice how the driver still lays into it to finish the drag race! This one gave a perfect launch that straighten up and drove for couple of feet in a VERTICAL POSITION! This brought joy to many from the crowd as they honored him with standing ovations! Check out this thing which is a Lean Mean “Imports” Eating Machine! It is really wicked, actually it’s so on my bucket list to drive a Camaro like that! I would so do that at every red light. Totally INSANE ride!

Finally, have you ever seen the bus wheelie?

Enjoy the video below!

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