Twin Turbo 1969 Camaro SS Car Super Charged & Nitrous!

Twin Turbo 1969 Camaro SS Car with a Super Charger and an additional 200 shot of Nitrous! Can you guess the horsepower? Very, very cool! In order to create a monster like this, first of all you have to know stuff. Then, you have to put some effort, and make a commitment to yourself that you are willing to do this. No matter the time you are going to spend, the end justifies the means. Take a look at this beautiful monster painted with a Porsche red color combined with chrome parts. It has 468 cubic inches big block Chevrolet engine, then a twin 68 mm turbo making additional 14 pounds of boost. Also pay close attention to the interior, it is marvelous!

Turn up the volume to hear this vehicle, and what the owner has to say too.

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Enjoy the video below!

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