We have been admiring so many times to people with such handcraft abilities such as this one. We have seen people compose miniature engines, LEGO engines and so on! This time, we have miniature W-32 engine on display!

Once again, we meet with the fabulous work of the pensioner named Jose Manuel Hermo Barreiro, or simply `Patelo`, at least that`s what everyone calls him! If you need a little reminder, he made that incredible V12 MINIATURE MOTOR in 2013!!! So now, he wanted to push things even further, and created this MINI W32 MOTOR which took him 2520 hours to do so! Mr. Patelo used 850 pieces in order to make this thing perfectly balanced! The W32 is so small its displacement is 47,3 cm3, the Cylinder Diameter is 13,75 mm and the Pistons Stroke is only 10 mm!!! The 850 pieces, 632 screws and 2520 labor hours speak for themselves. And when you spend so much time on one project and your name is Patelo, you know it is going to be good!

This is however, the smallest ever and unique W-32 engine in the World along with the features! The job of this craftsman is truly IMPRESSIVE! You have to give him that. He designed and manufactured something with his bare hands and the made it run and proved its perfect balance in operation! Its work is so calm and quiet that you can put pennies on it sideways and they wouldn`t fall! Patelo dedicated this motor to his friends and followers! We consider ourselves as followers and admirers of his work. Thus, we like to see this amazing mini W-32 engine dedicated to us! You will not be wrong if you call this ART! What is art, if not this? Enjoy the MASTERPIECE!

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