World’s Smallest & Most Detailed Chevy Small Block V8 Miniature Model Engine!

If it was a regular Chevy small block V8 engine, it probably would not have been a big deal, but this is far away from being regular, or ordinary – it is something that most of us have never seen. It is one of a kind and truly fascinating miniature Chevrolet`s small block V8 engine, built and constructed as the original to the very last small detail. And it is not just that, but this cute small block V8 is completely functional. At first, I just thought it is a very cool for exhibitions, but after watching the video, it is clear that it is much more than just being cool, this one is a cherry on a cake. The more we look at it, the more we admire it! This miniature model engine was built by an excellent craftsman, and we applaud him for the impeccable job he did!

It is highly detailed replica, a hundred percent functional V8, completed and finished with a cam and tunable carburetor. I have no idea how much time it took for its creator to design it and than assemble it, but I`m guessing it was many, many working hours in the garage.

As you will notice in the video, it does not rev for more than a second, so I`m guessing that it has a rev limiter. But never the less, it produces absolutely astonishing and sweetest sound. Wouldn`t you like to have it? We know we do! Imagine putting this incredible miniature model engine in a go-kart! It will be unstoppable! What would you do if you got your hands on this small Chevy small block V8 engine? Watch the video below and let us know about your ideas in the comments! Cheers.

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Enjoy the video below!

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