Twin-Turbo Chevy V8 HOT ROD On A Dyno With Flame Action!

Now this is how you are supposed to build a Hot Rod! We have something AMAZING here, a V8 Hot Rod Chevrolet made! This thing has everything, TWIN TURBO, 350ci engine -- simply everything! Also, everything on this car is SELF-BUILT by the owner, including the body and frame! Finally, it is ready to hit the DYNO, and wait until you hear the results! We are talking 442 HORSEPOWER and 407 TORQUE! On the other hand we have the great number of 1800 LBS! So, this is definitely how a Hot Rod should look like, check out the video to see it in person!

It has to be a wild ride with 1800lbs, little flame action and demonic sound! Very nice ride, I would love to drive this thing! These guys from Race Proven Motorsport knows how to make powerful Hot Rods! The rims are awesome too!

Finally, check the COOL but not CHILLED Hot Rods!

Enjoy the video below!

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