Extreme BIKE MADNESS! Look At This Epic RIDING On Top Of A BRIDGE– Very DANGEROUS! Do NOT TRY This Anywhere!

Wow!!! We cannot come up with a reaction suitable to what we just saw! We`ve seen lots of stuff done by adrenaline junkies so far. We`ve seen backwards riding in the middle of the highway as well as some mad drifting! But this one is definitely special! If we saw this in a movie, we would still be impressed even though we would know it was fake. But seeing this with our own eyes left us jaw dropped! Seriously, it did. Without further delay, we`ll let you know what`s going on. We must admit that we are glad that GoPro cameras exist, because they perfectly capture the bike madness you are about to witness!

A professional stuntman, an important member of the Stunt Freaks Team, decided to take things on a whole new level. Apparently, crossing the bridge like every normal human being is not as interesting as crossing it over its arch beam!!! Yes, you read it right – over its arch beam! Adrenaline rush can really make you do unexpected things, and when almost everything else is done, you simply take things to a different level. Why should you cross the bridge like a normal human being when you can RISK YOUR LIFE by crossing it like this? We can only presume this is what the biker was thinking before continuing with this bike madness! Luckily, he succeeded in his attempt and captured everything on camera! The video is unlike anything you have ever seen before, and this is just one of many reasons why we have decided to share this extreme stunt with all of you here! So, click on the video bellow and see what some people are capable of! Also, please do not try this at home! Enjoy and feel free to share!

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