7 Nissan GTR Beasts Unleashing Power Through The Engine!

Here is something that will put every sports car fan, especially the ones who are hardcore aficionados of the legendary Nissan GTR R35, in a state of trance. It has really been quite some time since we have had a video clip with so many beauties at one place, but I think that this one will give us a lot of points. It is by far one of the best GTR gatherings ever recorded, with seven awesome Nissan GTR examples in a garage in England. According to the video info, it is group of 7 Nissan GTR enthusiasts and owners called the Batallion30Five group, who had invited the author of the video for a photo shoot, and gave him one hell of a thrill.

Now thanks to his experience, we can all enjoy this great video. As you will see it for yourself, most of these awesome 7 Nissan GTRs have many modifications, but the only ones that we can tell you for sure are their exhaust systems. There is an Armytrix, a Titan exhaust, one example comes with an Akraprovic exhaust system, another one is a stock with decat, and so on. But the main conclusion is that all seven of these GTR beasts are simply jaw-dropping. Check out the video and see what I`m talking about.

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