1100HP GTR R35 Is An Incredible Creation by JP Performance!

Have you ever walked into a garage for making custom cars and seen a beast that you would buy straight away? Don`t worry, because if you still haven`t experienced that feeling, today we have a surprise for you. Meet 1100HP GTR R35 that will make you literally horny and passionate for this car model. 1100HP? Doesn`t that sound impossible? The majority will agree because it is really hard to imagine going from 62 mph to 124 mph in just 3,45 Sec. That would be almost twice as fast as, for example, a Koenigsegg Agera R or 3 Sec. less than a McLaren P1.

However, for all of you wondering, you should consider the fact that this car is Max with 3bar, Toyos and E85 / VP import fuel 0-300KM / H drive in about 10 seconds! This is considerably faster than a Venom GT!

Regardless the facts, at the end of the day we will just thank this German guys for making us impressed. The thing that we can all make an agreement for is that this 1100 HP Nissan GTR R35 is one MONSTER of a car and the feeling inside even if it is only as a passenger, would be a real experience!

Finally, find out who JP Performance are!