The Ultimate Triple Nissan GTR Drag Race! Only The Best!

I guess the time has come when the incredibly fast and unbeatable Nissan GTR drag race kings are coming to the point when all of the other competition simply gave up on even trying, so the only thing left for these top of the line cars is to compete between each other and see if there is a limit to how fast they can go.

It is not that I`m mocking to all of the other great muscle cars, but the thing is that lately we are seeing so many incredible examples of Nissan GTRs achieving results even beyond imagination, so that it would be completely understandable if the whole thing seems a bit cocky. And the video that we have prepared for you in this article, will probably only add to everything abovementioned.

What we have here are three Nissan GTR R35s competing with the time on this beautiful and secluded drag strip. You would have a chance to se them one by one, starting from the third place and going up.

Third of the Nissan GTR drag race kings is Alexandr P. with his great Mk.1 Boostlogic Godzilla, second place goes to Dmitry M. and his Mk.2 Altechno A1 and the winner is Dmitry S. in his white Mk.2 AMS Alpha 16.

Just watch the video, I don`t think it gets any better than this. Finally, you might want to see the fastest Nissan GTRs! 

Enjoy the video below!

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