Nissan GTR Goliath Goes Over the Top – 237.1 MPH (VIDEO)

Well, we all know that Nissan GTRs are very, very fast supercars, many times highly tuned and prepared to face every challenge out there on the road. But what we have here is one of those moments that truly matters – almost breaking the sound wall the Nissan GTR Goliath achieved an incredible speed of 237.1 mph. Isn`t that something?

You have got to admit it. As much as we love drag races, drift races and all that, the top speed of a sports car is something that really matters and there is not one need for speed addict out there who is not interested in the section of specs that it is about the acceleration and of course the top speed (whether it is limited or not). And when it comes to Nissan GTRs, cars that are famous for all their abilities, it is very nice and thrilling to see how one of them is achieving its maximum speed on an open road, by a `regular` driver, not in some specialized labs and that sort of none sense.

So watch the video and see how this guy is emphasizing the Nissan GTR`s top speed. I do not know about you, but to me, it sounded like bullet being shot from a riffle.

Finally, you can easily find the Nissan GTR Goliath on this Top 10 list!

Enjoy the video below!

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