Nissan GTR vs Corvette C6 vs Ford Mustang vs 1000HP Porsche GT 2 TT!

Watch this amazing drag races between these titans! This time the Nissan GTR tuned by VOS Motorsports is going against the Corvette C6, Ford Mustang and 1000HP Porsche GT 2 TT!

3 races in 1 video! In our view, there is nothing more to ask for at this moment. So sit tight and watch the vehicles giving their best. The first duel is between the Nissan GT-R by VOS Motorsports and Corvette C6. This was probably the most tensed race from all three today. Both cars were racing neck to neck, but there is only one winner. In this case, it is the Japanese vehicle. The second race is again between an American and a Japanese car. Camaro and another GT-R. This one made the result 2:0 for the Japanese automobiles. Finally in the third race, an American car wins. Anyway I think this Chevy Corvette is base C6 and not Z06 as it is claimed…also the Porsche GT 2-TT is was stock too. Watch till the end to see the time result.

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Enjoy the video below!

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