A Beast On The Track! A 2400 HP Chevrolet VETTE C6 Called UNICORN!

Hello my dear Corvette fans! Today we have prepared for you one pretty special example of your favorite American muscle that won`t leave anyone indifferent. It is one incredible, used race beast Chevy Vette C6, that has been so much transformed from its original factory setup, in order to turn it into an extreme beast that can set the drag strip on fire!

So now, after all those modifications and hardcore tuning, it appears to be like a real rocket on wheels, which hence its nickname, Unicorn Vette C6. Also, it is no longer in a possession of the original owner, but has a new one, who is also sitting behind the wheel and trying to accommodate some of the traction problems (or challenges if you will) which this powerful Corvette obviously has!

One of those challenges is connected with the fact that the new owner is mostly using it for roll racing, rather than drag racing. Thus, in order to make the necessary changes, he took it for several test runs, at the moments when the Texas Invitational half mile event was taking place.

He was aiming to break the 200 mph barrier, but unfortunately he failed to do it, as the Unicorn `Vette stopped somewhere around 180 mph. But you better have a look at the following clip that we have prepared for you in this article, and check out this beastly machine yourself, and learn more details about its monstrous setup under the hood!

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