US Drag Battle – Chevy Corvette C6 vs Supercharged Ford Mustang GT!

Here we go with one classic All-American drag battle, with two Detroit drag monsters, which are one of the most recognizable signs and symbols of the American sports and muscle car production, anywhere in the world, not just on the home ground. This is one of those drag races that are always a pure lust and pleasure for watching, regardless on who is the winner. And how else would it be, when the main roles for this utterly suspenseful thriller, are being given to the best representatives of the Ford Motor Company and the Chevrolet, whose rivalry is well known to everyone who knows at least a thing or two about the American muscle cars.

Both of these beauties are highly modified and tuned. The Chevy Corvette is coming with a Borla exhaust X type, Texas Speed and Performance Cam, Port and Polished Heads, and a few other things, done by Texas Speed and Performance. The total output of horsepower of the engine is 437.

On the other side of the lane, the supercharged Ford Mustang GT is coming with a Custom JBA Exhaust and that Roush Factory M90 Supercharger, paired with the basic motor, it is generating 365 HP.

I think that it is enough with numbers, and it is a time to watch and enjoy this interesting drag battle. Check it out and later sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

If you want to find out more about the Corvette C6, go to this link.