AMERICAN MUSCLE DRAG RACE: 1969 Camaro 540 vs 1966 Chevelle 427!

Always in the mood for a drag race! We`ve seen a lot of them so far… But it is not that often that we see an American Muscle Race! Yes, that`s right – two buddies as they refer to each other took their rides out of the garages! A 69 Camaro is going to take the streets versus a 1966 Chevelle 427!

It is a race that promises much, two powerful American Muscles in a combat! Both rides seem maintained, so both probably have careful owners. And if their cars look like that from the outside, who knows what`s underneath the hood!

What is even more interesting, is that this is not a regular YouTube race. This one has many angles, including sever cameras. You can even see the drivers switching gears! As they are both on the starting line, you can hear that incredible sound that every American Muscle produces. That harmony for our ears – the `noise` that we love! And off they go, it`s a pretty equalized race, Camaro in front of the Chavelle, then the Chavelle in front of the Camaro and so on. And at the end – it`s a tie! Check it out!