Supercharged 2013 Ford Mustang GT by TruFiber: Impossible Not To Spot!

Look what we encountered! An amazing 2013 Ford Mustang GT by TruFiber that`s impossible not to spot.

What`s truly eye-poking is the bright green color with the black accents on the hood and on the rear spoiler. There are some awesome new additions installed on the Ford Mustang GT by TruFiber like new airlift suspension. This type of air suspension system provides easy raise of the ride when needed. Also, this Mustang GT doesn`t feature just visual modifications. In fact, it includes a powerful Paxton supercharger. Paxton offers a variety of different supercharging options for the Ford Mustang with their Complete Novi 2200SL system increasing power at the flywheel from the stock 412 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque up to 615 horses and 475 lb-ft of torque!

At last, under the hood of this classic GT 350, is the first aftermarket Mustang! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!


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