1000+ HP CORVETTE C6 Grand Sport Reaches Nearly 200 MPH!

When building a muscle car there is only one goal – POWER! And the power is defined by the speed, horsepower, torque, sound et cetera. You name it! However, that goal requires a lot of time, skill and especially devotion. But the feeling after finishing the building process, when you see what you`ve created, is incomparable. The car featured in the video below undoubtedly fulfils the aforementioned power requirements. It is a word of one gorgeous, red, Corvette C6 Grand Sport with a supercharged motor! This automobile will definitely make your jaw drop.

We can divide this video into two sections. In the first one, we are treated with a full walk around. The owner is kind enough to open the Corvette C6 Grand Sport hood and show us what`s beneath it. While we are feasting our eyes with this beauty, we can also enjoy the marvelous sounds created by both the engine and the exhaust system! This walk around is followed by the more amusing part! First, we get a view of the dashboard i.e. the gauges. Watch the movement of the darts in the speedometer (especially from 40 to 75 mph) and the RPM meter as well! Next, we have a view recorded from the back of this car. See how 1090 horses overtake other vehicles!

At last, follow this link to watch one insane drag race with plenty of supercharged Corvettes, a larger blower ZL1 Camaro and a supercharged Viper!