This is the Best Sounding CHEVY CORVETTE PUMPKING of 1700HP!

We had surely seen many out-of-this-world and jaw-dropping Chevy Corvette examples, but believe me when I say that this 1 700 HP monster, known by its a little bit unusual name “Pump King”, could really be one of the best sounding Chevy `Vettes that we had ever heard.

From the very first moment when I have heard the sound of its extremely powerful motor, a mix of something between roaring and whistling at the same time, it made my neck skin crawl. It is one of those moments when you realize with more than one sense, without even looking at it, that you are dealing with an atomic supercar.

This jaw-dropping orange beast is packing a motor, which, thanks to the help of a ProCharger F1x and a bottle of nitrous, is pumping out those astonishing 1 700 HP, directly to the rear wheels.

Just watch the following video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, and you will see with your own eyes, and the best of all, hear, why this Chevy Corvette C6 ZO6 beast could truly be one of the best sounding Chevy supercars that we had ever heard!

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