Classic 1970 CHEVY CHEVELLE SS with HT502 Crate Motor!

Hello my dear fellow muscle car enthusiasts, who enjoy watching and learning new things about the good old American muscles, that are giving us so much pleasure, and make our lives more interesting. Today we are going to show you an interesting thirteen minute video clip from an episode of HOT ROD Garage, in which Lincoln Tech will introduce us to a new vintage Detroit muscle project, but with a completely new flavor, a whole new 1970 Chevy Chevelle, that is being built for the Original Parts Group`s (OPG) owner, with a HT502 motor.

It is a company that makes and sales everything a man needs to restore any classic American muscle. And taking into an account that this Chevy Chevelle is being built for the owner of the company, I think that you can guess that the man already has a few restored muscle cars. But the thing is that he wanted another classic Detroit muscle, but with more modern conveniences. And naturally, that is what is going to be done to this car, and that is what he is going to get.

And in this video, you will get to see probably the most important part of the whole process, when the guys will install a fuel-injected HT502 crate motor inside the engine bay, and make it look like a 1970 SS 454 motor. Of course, the main goal is to end up with a car that looks completely like the original 1970`s muscle car, but with a power and reliability of a modern muscle monster!

Sounds interesting? Just watch the video and enjoy this intriguing episode of the HOT ROD Garage. I think that you will like every second of it! And if you want to learn about the original 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS, and later on make a comparison, go to this link.