Check Out This ‘Frankenstein CHARGER’ by Johan Erikssons!

Maybe if I only say the name of Johan Erikssons, some of you will not recognize it, or become aware who is the guy that we are talking about here. But if I say that he is the guy who is the owner of the Sweden`s Most Beautiful Car at 2011 SEMA Show, I`m sure that the image of his out-of-this-world black and extremely ominous looking 1968 Blown Dodge Charger will blast away right away!

Well, in order not to become too annoying by showing you another video clip with his jaw-dropping `68 Dodge Charger (which does not mean that we will not do it again any time soon), today we are going to show you a video with another Johan Erikssons` babe. It is one totally crazy and jaw-dropping looking `hybrid`, another project of his imagination, a muscle monster like you haven`t seen before, a new classic Dodge Charger, made out of different cars` components.

The entire video is on Swedish (without any translation or subtitles about it, so you also won`t understand much/any of it), but we will give you the general info about it (from what we could have found on the internet), because this new Johan`s muscle monster looks simply astonishing, and I think that it is worth of your attention. It is some kind of a Doctor Frankenstein`s project, made out of many different components, some parts (like the brakes) are coming from a Bentley, others from the Viper, the chassis is from Chevy Corvette C6 and so on.

I know that it sounds kind of wacky and even unbelievable, but just take a look at the video and see how this project looks like. If you ask me, it is pretty promising, and even beyond. And if you ant to see another extremely unusual custom made muscle monsters, check out this link.