ANGRY Monster 1200 HP Chevy Chevelle Idling & Chilling Out!

Here is something for all those Geraheads who love big and powerful machines that are leaving an impression that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. We do not have any info about where is this happening, and what is the reason for that vintage cars gathering (as it is obvious that there are many other models in the background), even though it looks more like a race circuit, rather than a drag strip. However the case might be, the main interest in this video for us is that monster 1970 Chevy Chevelle that you will see it idling and chilling out, not the other cars or the race, or anything alike. This monster 1200 HP Chevy Chevelle has a Chevrolet 638 cubic inch engine under the hood.

And even though we would much more love to see it in action, it is still very impressive just hearing that awesome engine sound, whilst the car is idling. One does not always have to see the car racing or doing burnouts, or something alike, so that he can feel the complete potential of a monster muscle beast like this one.

So check out the 1200 hp Chevy and see it for yourself what I`m talking about, and later on, sound off your thoughts about in the comment section below. And if you want to learn more about the 1970 model of Chevy Chevelle SS, go to this link..