Extremely Powerful 1800HP 1969 Custom Made Chevy Chevelle!

We have seen it more than once, but I do not think that none of us can actually ever get too much of those custom made muscle monsters, for which there is no such thing as enough or way over the line. This 1969 custom made Chevy Chevelle that you are going to see in today`s article, is one of those muscle monsters that most definitely summarize everything above mentioned. It is a car that produces so much torque and horsepower, that (as its owner says) it is almost sick!

Equipped with a whole spectrum of features under the hood, like Twin Turbo 502, 2 speed power glide transmission with gear vendors overdrove in it, all aluminum 509, twin 72 mm turbochargers, dual injector per cylinder, and much more. And you have got to take it into a consideration that it is still not completely finished (and I`m not talking only about its outlooks), so can you imagine it when it is tip-top? Oh man…this thing would be even scarier.

I know that there are some people out there who do not appreciate so much power in one machine, it intimidates them. But one thing is for sure – no one can deny it! So just watch the video, feel all that power and listen from Tom Nelson himself, everything about this outrageously mean 1969 custom made Chevy Chevelle.