Watch This RH9 GTR Skyline’s Performance on the Dyno!

It is only a human nature to try and make it where no one else has been or done it, to push yourself and your creation to the absolute maximum and try to break all of the limits that surround us. And when it comes to building, constructing and tuning a Nissan Skyline GTR, it seems that there are no limits, no boundaries that can hold it back. One of the best racing machines ever build is here to blast away the dynamometer and give the spectators one hell of a show that they will not forget so easy. So, what we have here in the following video, is a model of Skyline GTR that we do not have a chance to see it nowadays very often. It is a great `99 RH9 GTR 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR, giving one of its best `dyno performances`, as it is about to blast it away, or so it seems.

Watching it developing over 1200HP in a few series of test runs, it made me think what would have happened if by accident that safety belt suddenly snapped? Well, I`m sure it is not going to be a pleasant thing to watch, but at least it would put a stop to that annoying comment in the back. Check out the RH9 GTR DYNO performance!

Have you been thinking of tuning? Follow this discussion and find out if it’s worth it!

Enjoy the video below!

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