Bike and a Car Perform Amazing Drift Performance in the Circuit!

You do not have to be a top of the line French cinema connoisseur to know that French have a strong developed sense of both dramatic and artistic. I`m saying this because the following drift and chase video that we have prepared in this article, is having all those strong cinematic values -- even though it is a video, not a film -- on a high level, and as you can guess, it is coming from France. And here is what is happening… Two guys, one on a bike, the other one in a car (that appears to be Nissan 240SX) are breaking inside a race circuit, and of course right after, they are being spotted by the security that is coming after them with trucks and a van, and the amazing drift performance and chasing fun can begin, in and outside the track, and later on outside the circuit also.

It is definitely one of the better videos of this type that you are going to see, perfectly shot with steady and GoPro cameras, and even better edited, so that one really gets a feeling that it is happening for real.

So check it out and fully enjoy the amazing drift, and of course, do not try to do this at home or in your neighborhood kids! This is one of the best FB pages about drifting!