The General Lee Dodge Charger RT in a Drifting Session!

No matter how much you love drift-driving or a specific car, and you always enjoy watching it in action, one can not avoid the fact that sometimes that great car could use another driver behind the wheel. I mean, I understand the wish and desire of every `need for speed` addict to do a little drifting on his own, especially when someone has such a great ride at his disposal, but we also got to be honest and give our best judgment about it. I simply can not react any other way when I see one of my most favorite cars in drifting session, but with such a modest (to say the least) performance. So, it is clear from the intro that the real reason why we had chosen this drift video is because of the ultimate allure of that great General Lee Dodge Charger RT, not because of the `ultimate drifting performance` of its driver.

And it would be totally needless to say that General Lee is probably one of the most famous examples of Dodge Charger R/T, a car that was driven by Bo and Luke Duke in the famous show “The Dukes of Hazzard“. Well, in this video, the car does not have the famous Dukes behind the wheel, but some other guy who could use a few drifting sessions more, before he tries to show off his drifting skills the next time. See what I`m talking about, check out the General Lee Dodge Charger RT!