Camaro Wins The 2014 Pirelli World Challenge GTS Race!

If you are a fan of mad racing and an adrenaline-addict, you must give the Challenge of the Pirelli world a look. This event puts together in one place the most awesome hot rods in the world, for a fifty minutes  of raging and roaring fun. In Florida, Saint Petersburg is where the first race which shall signify the commencement of the race, shall took place and the number of people that came, as well as forty-nine beasts, that shall race like hell. They are divided in 3 categories: GTS race, GT A- amateurs and GT. SCCA sanctioned the aforementioned categories and races.

The  SCCA made a decision  that through the winter, it`s gonna give an open space to European superstar hotrods to race in the range of the best class of GTs.  Saint Petersburg was the place where history was made, on the way of the 1.8 mile circuit. The audience was more than astonished.

Finally, check out the Mustang vs Camaro drag race!


Then, the sky stared frowning as the rain started to pour. But on Saturday, luck was on these guys side, as the sky was all cleared up, with no signs of thunderstorm whatsoever. So, the boys started to prepare for racing. The green flag was waved and the fun commenced. 49 cars started raging and going on right and left, trying not to bump into each other.  According to what we saw, the first of the GTS race was Lee Andy and right behind him was Aschenbach. Throught the whole race they were racing up against each others. Lee finished off first, despite every effort of Lawson to surpass him.

Near the end of the race, a yellow flag was waved in order to signify Lawson`s opening. The racing was fierce, giving the audience a life time experience. At the very end, Lawson with his Camaro finished off first in the GTS category, with just .839 sec advantage. At 1:20.461, Lee showed himself having the fastest set as he gave his best to race up Lawson. This signified the season`s awesome start. There is more on this on the Pirelli`s site if you are interested in.

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