Check This Out! CEO & Founder Of The CAR THROTTLE, ADNAN EBRAHIM, Explains Why He Loves and Bought A NISSAN GTR R35!

I firmly believe that there are guys among you who are well familiar with the online car community, called Car Throttle. However, not many of us know the man behind it, its CEO and founder, Adnan Ebrahim. But regardless of that, I think (and hope) that some of you will find intriguing to learn more about such a person, who obviously have a great passion for fast and powerful rides, and learn what kind of a beast he has in his garage. I`d say that it`s like when a computer gig finds out what kind of a computer has someone like Steve Jobs (just don`t take this literally).

And when we are `debating` on such a subject, it`s only logical to assume that someone who founded and run such a community about powerful rides, has a great car himself. And of course that he does! The only question is what kind of a beast he has?!

Well, in the case of Adnan Ebrahim, just as you could`ve read in the title, this young sports car aficionado is a fan of the Japanese mechanical excellence, the Nissan GTR! The legendary ride, which is a favourite import to many of us, as well.

Ebrahim`s jaw-dropping 2009 Nissan GTR R35 comes with a highly appealing black paint job, and a beast under the hood that delivers 600 HP. And that`s all that I`m going to tell you about it. For everything else, the GTR`s specs, his reasons for choosing it to be his favourite personal toy, his plans for the future, and many other things, you`d have to check out the video below.

And in a case you want to find out something about the new, 2017 Nissan GTR R35, click here.