Ladies and Gentlemen, The JAPANESE ROYALTY – NISSAN R35 GTR!

I know that regardless of whether you are one of the entire army of fans of the iconic Japanese mechanical and engineering excellence or not, the Nissan R35 is and will remain one of the very best cars ever made. And this is indisputable fact that no one can deny. It is also a reason why we are constantly showing you different video clips with this legendary Japanese perfection, one of the biggest wet dreams to so many fans of powerful and fast as hell sports cars, with ultimate performance skills and features.

Today we have prepared you a video with another awesome Nissan R35 example, completely track prepped and ready to do some serious damage. Even though this clip was uploaded and released only about a week ago, according to the info, it was filmed more than one year ago, but its author had some technical problems because of the rain that started to pour in the middle of the shooting.

I completely understand that it might have been a problem during the filming, but if you ask me, the rain also contributed to the quality of the video and made that awesome GTR R35 even more appealing and attractive!

Just watch the video and later on tell us what you think about it. And if you want to find out more about the 2015 Nissan GTR, and learn about the latest features of this legendary car, click here.