Nissan GT R Godzilla is Breaking All Boundaries! 5.19 Seconds at Eight Mile For A New Record!

How can you not love it and adore it and why is it that we can not get enough of it?! The phenomenal Nissan GTR proves once again who is the king of the drag strip and goes `above the rim`, setting an eight mile record of unbelievable 5.91 seconds! Entering the 5 second club is a huge success. This Nissan GT R Godzilla, filled its dreams, that`s for sure!

The beast here made it clear from the very launch that it will be a great outcome! Unfortunately we do not have the info on what is hiding under the hood of this incredible sports car, but what you are about to see will get you out of your shoes. As the cars are getting ready to start the race, you could not tell any difference between the two, with the exception of the color, because (from what we can see) they are both GTRs. But that obviously does not mean that they are exactly the same. Far from it!

From the moment the green light is on, the grey Nissan GTR Godzilla literally vanishes towards that finish line while the red one is still getting started. This happened about a month ago at JDM Fest at the Autodrome St-Eustache in Quebec, Canada. The festival is really amazing. All of you which had had a chance of visiting it know what we are talking about! All kinds of champions came here, unsung heroes and many more. The tracks here could say a lot if they could speak! What a show, what a performance! Just watch the video and feel the rush that only a Nissan GT R Godzilla can give you.

At last, if you want to see a list of cars that can sprint to 62 mph in 5 seconds, follow this link!