One of the things on which no Gearhead can remain indifferent, even if he is one of the hardcore American muscle car aficionados and don`t really like the imports, is watching a drag race between two of the best sports cars out there. The pride and the synonym for a hypercar, TT LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO and the legendary Japanese rocket-sled, the one and only Nissan GTR. And the tension gets even on a higher level when both of those ultra-powerful specimens are highly tuned monsters, just as the ones that you are going to see in the video below!

You have already found out the main figures from the title, but nevertheless, I`ll repeat them once again. The Nissan GTR is powered by a motor that is delivering about 1 650 HP, and the TT Lamborghini Gallardo is boosting over 2 000 HP, and it is said that it`s the quickest roll racing machine that could be found lately, with its personal record of 213 mph.

However, this is the finals in the Unlimited Class of the TX2K16 Roll Racing championship, and the two fastest rides are going toe to toe, so anything can happen! The GTR has plates that say LMBOKLR. So, is it going to stand up to it, it remains to be seen!

I sure won`t be a spoiler and tell you what happens, so you better check out the video and find out the outcome of this thrilling drag battle yourself! And if you want to see more exciting drag battles with some of the fastest machines out there, go to this link.