This Is How The Myths Are Becoming! A Drag Race Between BMW M4 Vs LEXUS RC F Vs NISSAN GTR!

Every time we have a face off between such heavyweights, it is completely unnecessary to stress that no matter whether you are a hardcore Gearhead, or just a modest enthusiast, you`re going to be thrilled to see a drag race like this. Especially when it`s featuring one of the very best sports cars in the world for quite some time now, the Nissan GTR, against one of its countrymen`s biggest rivals, the Lexus RC F, and the German pride, the BMW M4. Therefore, we`re saying that this is a kind of a drag battle that creates the myths about certain ride`s legendary reputation!

And I think you all know well which one of these three I`m referring to, right? The Nissan GTR! Or, as the host of the video is saying, it`s a drag battle between a BMW M4, a Nissan GTR and a Lexus RC F, and yes, the GTR is going to win! But, let`s not be too hasty, and introduce these beasts first.

The BMW is powered by a 6 cylinder Twin Turbo engine that can deliver 425 HP and 406 pound feet of torque. The Nissan GTR has the well known inline-six Twin Turbo motor that boosts 542 HP and 466 torque power. And finally, the Lexus RC F has a V8 engine under the hood that can generate 470 HP and 391lb ft.

So, what do you think? How hard would it be for the GTR to beat this other awesome rides?!

Okay guys, let`s get serious and check out the following video first, and wow our respect to the Top Gear fellows who gave us this opportunity and pleasure, to watch such jaw-dropping and powerful beauties in this epic drag battle! Enjoy it!

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