Say Hello To The UNIQUE Feature Of The New Lexus RCF!

It is not news that we witness technological innovations and progress on a daily basis. These innovations have for a long time been part of the automotive industry and have advanced during time. Today, we can rarely drive a car that does not have sensors whether we are talking about motion sensors, security sensors or any other type of sensors. However, Lexus put this technological progress on a completely different level. The new Lexus RCF vehicle has been installed with a sensor that shows the heartbeat of the driver.

The sensor shows the driver`s heart beat on a screen in the vehicle, but it can also be seen in a form of a light show on the flanks of the car during night. The new Lexus RCF features a 5.0-liter V8 engine able to produce 467hp. It now features paint that glows at nighttime showing how fast the driver`s car is racing. Amazing and bizarre at the same time, isn`t it?

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