When we go on the road, it is all about safety. However, accidents happen due to various reasons. One of those reasons is the lack of light during the night. But now, there is a new way to illuminate the highways while saving energy and money and on the other hand improving the road safety at the same time! With the Glow in the dark highway, that is possible. By using paint which contains “photo-luminising” powder. The powder charges during the day and slowly releases the glow (up to 10 hours) at night, replacing the lights on the road. “Studio Roosegaarde” teamed up with civil engineering firm “Heijmans Infrastructure” came up with this idea.

In addition, this team is working on some other ideas. For example the temperature responsive road paint shows when the temperature is below zero by creating ice crystal patterns which warn the drivers that the road is slippery. Moreover, the interactive lights on the side on the road which light up when a vehicle approaches and dim when it passes by. Also there are wind lights getting energy from pinwheel generators. And maybe the most interesting innovation is the induction priority lane, for CHARGING electric cars!! Give it up for this glow in the dark highway!

Anyway, this is just one of many stories from the highway!