Heavy Tyre EXPLOSIONS Can Have DISASTROUS Effects!

We have already discussed about the fatal consequences that tyre explosions can make and for the safety of all of us, we will continue to be cautious about this problem that can often occur. That is why today we analyze the catastrophic effects of heavy tire explosions, particularly trucks` ones.

In the video below, the camera was securely fastened down 3 foot away from the tire and directly in the line at the blast. As you will see the disastrous effect of the explosion reveals the power that one tire can have and that is why you should be more and more cautious with this part of your vehicle.

The main reason that cause this explosion is that there are not enough plies left to hold the compressed air inside the tire. When this happens, the compressed air surges from the tire into the surrounding area with great speed and tremendous force -- equivalent to 24.000 pounds.

For example, if you are in the way of this kind of explosion it is like being hit by a truck. Enough to make you concerned?

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