CAGES SAVE LIVES: What if Your Tire Explodes?! Watch This Safety Video!

Have you ever wondered what can happen to you if one of your tires explodes in front of you? People do not realize that the installation of new tires on is the most common contributor to injuries in tire shops. This video includes some explosions in real-time recorded with a HD camera. Some of the most common causes are 16.5 rims (because they have an older bead seat which are less safe than the new ones), zippers, sidewall rupture, over inflated runflats, bead failures and sudden release of air and debris. The tire safety video you are about to see also greatly explains and shows why you should be very careful when installing new tires! Furthermore, the blast from the tire explosion is more than enough to severely injure a person! Consequently, the solution for this problem is a so called inflation cage for tiers, which usage increases safety and saves time.

Indeed, the cages` sidebars are taking all the force while the explosion and come down across the tire temperature. We must admit that this is one smart idea because tires are vehicle`s parts that should be taken more seriously.However, technicians say that the examples shown in this video are not the most frequent. Rule number one is to never put air in a tire on a bench. You have to stand it up and air it on the floor because if it does blow it won`t hit you. Additionally, utilizing a cage in the process of changing a tire will save you time, or to be more precise, up to 3 minutes per vehicle! Equally important is the cage itself! The video explains what to look for when purchasing a cage. To put it simply, this is a very informational tire safety video, and we recommend you take a look!

At last, click here to watch a video with which you can find out how can a role cage save your life!