Tire Changing Has Never Been Easier! Change A TRUCK TIRE In LESS Than A MINUTE!

With all the technology nowadays, men forget all the skills their fathers and grandfathers used to have! Tire changing for example is a nightmare for most of us, and you have the mechanics for that issue! People now are handier with the computer, modems and routers than they are with their cars! But there is no modem that can help you if you need to change a tire on the middle of a highway!

We have all been in a situation when we don`t have machines to help us finish a certain job. This is the moment when we have to show our skills and knowledge as well. Imagine how the people were working in the past when the technology was not so advanced. There weren`t so many machines, and even if they were some, the machines themselves were not as progressive as today. Naturally. Those were the times when workers, regardless their field of expertise, had to leave mark and show what they know.

The video for today shows one similar example, with one difference, it is not that far in the past. Maybe this man was in hurry, and had to solve his problem in order to get going as fast as possible! Who knows! Anyway, his way of tire changing is splendid! It is very simple! First, he greases the tire so he would be able to remove it easily. Then, he grabs two iron bars and removes the tire. Frankly, a great deal of physical effort is needed for this task. Next, he does pretty much the same with the new tire! And that`s it. The tire is replaced in less than 1 minute! Tire changing seems so easy, right?

P.S. Have you seen the crazy Arabs who are changing tires while driving on two wheels?! Follow this link, if you haven`t! The video is a must see!