Back in the days, also known as the Tin Lizzie, Model T, or just T, the legendary Henry Ford`s automobile Ford Model T, first saw the light of the day in October 1, 1908, and it was produced until May 26, 1927. This was the car that was first widely affordable automobile by almost all common middle-class Americans, mostly because of Henry Ford`s idea and vision to make assembly line production vehicle, instead of the expensive hand crafted cars, the way they were produced in Europe and the US. Today we are going to show you one particular vehicle made back in 1921, and that has not been used for more than six decades. That is why its owner decided to catch this moment on camera, so take a look at this Ford Model T start up after so many years.

I would say that it is really one of a kind experience to watch something like this happening, and it is a great presentation and proof why back in 1999, it was named 20th century`s most influential car, in a competition of other legends from the world car scene, such as Volkswagen Type 1, Citroën DS and BMC Mini.

So check out the video of the Ford Model T start up below and enjoy the sound. And if you want to learn more about it, visit this link.