MICHELIN X Tweel Turf TIRES – The Next Revolution Has Arrived! FANTASTIC!

The name is pretty much unpronounceable -- The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF ™ Airless Radial Tire™, and it should become the end for all your tire problems that you use to had.


It is a revolutionary new technology and you can not find them just anywhere, like in the first tire shop in your neighborhood because the exclusive rights for the sales are going at the new John Deere ZTrak™, and today we are going to give you an idea just what the whole thing is all about. Michelin X Tweel Turf is actually a one single unit which is created to replace the entire tire – wheel – valve assembly and make your life easier.

After you bolt them on, you do not have to worry about anything else like air pressure maintenance, and all of the other common `problems` that one has with the regular tires. These tires have consistent hub height which is there to ensure that the mower deck is producing an even cut, and thanks to the width and poly-resin spokes, there is an outstanding lateral stability for excellent side hill driving.

With their original design of the spokes, the driver gets a smoother ride and enhanced operating comfort, even in the moments when you are navigating over big cubes and bumps on the road. In other words, you get very high performance compounds and a long wear life, for about three times than the standard pneumatic tires. Now, the design is a completely different issue.

So, check out this video and get a clearer picture about this new tire solution.