What Kind Of TRUCK Is Sitting On These TIRES? I’m Sure You Haven’t Seen Anything BIGGER Than This! Meet Belaz 75710, A Large Dump Truck That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

Are You Guessing What Kind Of TRUCK Is Sitting On These TIRES? Well, we will cut the game short and let you know instantly! The BEHEMOTH in today`s video is called Belaz 75710, and it is the biggest dump truck in the world! This large dump truck looks like a mountain! Belaz 75710 is a mining truck engineered to help the ore processing! The ultra-class haul truck is the largest in the world, and it also has the highest payload capacity as well! It can haul up to 450 metric tons! To put it simply, pretty much everything about this large dump truck is HUGE! Just to give you a picture of how big this thing is, all we need to do is tell you the dimensions! Belaz 75710 has a wheelbase of a whopping 315 inches, and a curb weight of 793 664lb! Like we said earlier, this haul truck is a MOVING MOUNTAIN!

Belaz 75710`s length is 811 inches, its width stands at 389 inches and its height is at 321 inches! That is higher than a 2 story house! This behemoth has dualled wheels with a two axle setup. It also has a four wheel drive and hydraulic steering! If you want to make a U turn with this monstrosity, you will need a lot of space! To be more precise, the turning radius of this large dump truck is 21.87 yards! As for the engine, this ultra-class haul truck has two of them! It is set in motion by 65 liter 16-cylinder diesel engines. Each of them has an incredible 2300 horsepower! With both of the engines working together, they account for a total of 4600 horsepower. Given the size of this large dump truck, it is really no surprise. If you want to know more about this truck, watch the video!

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