TIRE PROTECTION CHAINS By Pewag, Austria! You Can Go Trough LAVA With Those WEIRD TIRES!

If you are operating a vehicle that works in the toughest working conditions, where the temperature is extremely high, or you are dealing with bulldozers that are working with liquid steel slag, or big and solid scrap pieces from all kinds of dangerous materials, and you have a hard time worrying about your vehicle`s tires, here comes a new solution by Pewag, Austria, tire protection chains! The way these chains offer complete protection for your tires is simple. You just put them on your tires and you are all set! With the chains applied, you can even drive through hot slag, as it is shown in this video! If your vehicle is in constant need of tire changing, this is the product you need! With these chains firmly strapped onto your tires, you can drive over any terrain you please and never worry about the possible tire damage!

Now there is a new way of dealing in extreme working environments that might be harmful for your vehicles, or for certain parts of it, like the tires. These are new and reinforced, extremely high wear resistant and customized chains for your tires, meant for the biggest machines and tires in the world, that can be used for large scale mining operations like extraction at depths of over 15,000 feet, or very close to the surface, Pewag is the answer for all your possible problems.So just watch the video bellow and see how a heavy machine like that one operates on extremely high temperatures with a help of Pewag tire chains. It is probably the most reliable and innovative way for tire protection. We have told you enough about these tire protection chains. If you want to see them in action, all you have to do is press play on the video below!

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Enjoy the video below!

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